Partners and Friends,

First and foremost – Thank You! Thank you for being with us early on – a lot of you were the original beta-testers!

Thanks to you we’re experiencing an amazing growth in the last few months. We’ve opened New York City office, we’ve worked on new website, new features. Today, and also thanks for your feedback – we’re making an exciting announcement – we’ll call Viral Sign Ups going forward. This re-branding is purely and simply just a name change – platform, technology, and service will remain the same. Please give us feedback on the new name and hope you like it! (screenshot below for your convenience)

We would like you to know how grateful we are to have you as first customers. We will never forget that and will look forward to making it up to you in the future.

With that in mind – please be on the lookout for irefer’s very own referral program – but not just any referral program – we’ll be looking to delight you, reward you, remember you. We’re not yet but would like to be one day. (details on how their referral program worked will inspire us)

Last but not least, we’re hiring like crazy! If you know anyone passionate about media, acquisition, engineering, customer service – please don’t hesitate to reply directly.

Looking forward! Thank you again! We’re very happy to be part of your marketing stack. We’re honored and fortunate to be part of your team!

Chris & Pete
Co-Founders –